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Monday, November 10, 2003

Hail to the...BANG!

Well, my plans to go harass the thief-in-chief on his state visit to London have been thrown into jeopardy a little. Dubya's people have asked that London be virtually sealed off, in case legitimate protestors in some way provide cover for terrorists to attack. Anyone who's read the Patriot Act will not be hugely surprised by this- you can do virtually anything using terrorism as a cover.

Article in Evening Standard has me worried though. The Met Police Commissioner has vowed that the right to peaceful protest (and that's all we're planning) will be respected, but Bush's entourage may have other plans. It's this last paragraph that has me worried though:
But the Met and the US Secret Service have reportedly agreed "rules of engagement" allowing Bush bodyguards to shoot anyone they believe is clearly threatening the life of the President.

Anyone else see the friendly fire documentary last night?


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